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Our Story

Made in Tain is an idea conceptualised by a young person during final years at school. Being involved with a school co-operation project named “Digit” (“Dornoch, Invergordon, Golspie, In Transition”, slogan “everyone counts”) the pupil made comment, “making soap? We could do this after we leave school”. Janice Maclellan, founder trustee of Made in Tain took that idea which was realised in the centre and shop opening in June 2013.

Janice realised that there was little provision in our rural locality for those leaving school with Additional Support Needs or lacking a positive destination for different reasons. She was determined to create a local provision, within a safe and welcoming space, which could work in conjunction with neighbouring schools, the geographical community and other agencies to promote a different experience for learning practical life, social and craft skills in a centre with a public shop for work experience in retail and customer care.


Our Vision

Made in Tain exists to assist young people, in our rural locality in achieving their potential by providing a safe space to explore alternative learning avenues, employability skills, work experience and socialisation.

In 2021, our vision continues to develop as we determine the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of those we seek to help.

Comments from our Learners


“Thank you Made in Tain, I realise that I want to return to schooling and achieve some qualifications as I am now looking ahead”

“It is too far and too difficult for me to travel to Inverness, but with help I can take the bus to Tain” – this student is now fully competent in using public transport.

“Thank you for all the ‘life talks’ they’ve helped me”


Made in Tain relies on volunteers drawn from the local community to assist in the work by being part of the Trustee Board, working alongside students, offering help in various ways and becoming part of a rota for shop opening. Should you like to become a volunteer please contact the manager directly, Made In Tain, tel: 01862 892221.
* NB You will be required to complete a ‘Disclosure Scotland’ (PVG) declaration.